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  • About Franklin Mining

    Franklin Mining, Inc. (FMNJ) is a publicly-traded, international mining and exploration company headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada with offices in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. The company's principal U.S mining property was the Franklin Mines located near Idaho Springs in Clear Creek County, Colorado. Started as a Colorado exploration and mining company in 1864, Franklin Mining and Mill Co. worked multiple mines located approximately 1.5 miles north of Idaho Springs, Colorado.


    The company quickly grew to become a number of underground mining operations and its own flotation mill producing concentrates of gold, silver, lead, and zinc. Mine operations began in 1865 and continued until the United State government curtailed gold mining during World War I. Mine operations, allowed to resume during the Great Depression, were again curtailed following the outbreak of World War II. There has been limited mining activity at the Franklin Mines since.


    Franklin Consolidated Mining Co, Inc. had been formed under the laws of the State of Delaware in 1976 for the purpose of acquiring and developing mineral properties. The original Franklin Mines then acquired in 1989 and mining and milling operation began that same year.

  • Projects

    La Joya - Bolivia


    The second Bolivian mining concession, commonly known as La Joya, includes a land area of approximately 2700 hectares. All rights and privileges for the mineral resources to be found within this concession have been formally transferred to Cooperative Minera aurifera Nueva La Joya Ltda. Presently, the Cooperative is producing 200 tons of ore per day, and this processing rate is anticipated to increase based on the plant upgrade design requirements and supported by the required capital investments received.

    Madre de Dios Area - Peru


    Franklin Mining has entered into an agreement May 2, 2014 with Inveminas Centro De Investigacion Y Altos Estudios De Energia Y Minas to develop a total of 10,000 hectares, starting with 2,000 hectares for the development to prove the existence of Gold at any point and oil, gas or existing minerals extension. Being of knowledge that ore grades range from 200 to 600 mg per M3 within the mining corridor.

  • Our Mission

    Franklin Mining Bolivia operates with the highest standards of quality and efficiency by optimizing our resources and the preservation of the environment. In this way we generate value in fields in which we operate and the projects that explore and exploit, besides contributing to the socio-economic and cultural development of our society, we develop a model mining operations through safe, low cost, innovative technology, social commitment and respect for the environment, creating value for shareholders, employees, and the region in which it operates.

  • Community Development


    Promoting Sustainable Development in the neighboring region to the site involving the Communities in activities related to its productive nature. Participation in social and institutional development on the localities adjacent to the venture.


    The basic principles of mining to achieve its objectives are:

    • The development of sustainable relationships with the government and authorities of the communities where they do the job.
    • Being a company active in the development of the communities where they develop exploration or exploitation.
    • Reduce environmental impact and work according to the rules governing the mining industry nationally.

    Environmental & Social Values

    Encourage and promote respect and care for the environment by being transparent in our activities, informing individuals of the environment and including them in the procedures and activities of the company.

    With Confidence - Integrity, Teamwork, Honesty, and Professionalism - Continuous improvement - Mutual respect - Transparency - Commitment to safety, environment, and social responsibility.

    We rely on the following:

    • Work daily for health and safety as priorities.
    • Maintain social license through our commitment to the communities and the protection of the environment.
    • Respect local communities, origin, culture, languages, customs, and rights.
    • Respect the rights of employees and their personal dignity.
  • Interested in becoming a partner or investor?

    Franklin mining purchases, acquires, leases, and partners in very select projects. Preferably a producing mine, a mine close to production, or mine with advanced feasibility studies. Contact us below for more information.



    Franklin analyzes and technically approves the viability of the project based on the technical and financial merits of the property from the reserves, tenor, grade, volume, and operational difficulties standpoint. Disapproval must be done by experienced and seasoned technicians and professional geologists, not by businessmen.



    Once the feasibility to develop the project is approved, then the search and evaluation of prospective operators begin. These operators must have a proven track record, experience operating in the region, experienced in the type of operation to be implemented, proper equipment and personnel. The rigorous selection of operators must be approved by the board and not by a sole individual.



    Schedules of financing, royalties, and operational activities must be carefully prepared and negotiated.

    Franklin mining receives income over the life of mine performing a supervisory role only.

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